Human Dignity Trust Recommendations to the new UK Government

As the new Conservative Government identifies its priorities for the next Parliament, the HDT requests that the following Recommendations to minimise and ideally end the persecution of LGBT people are considered and adopted:

  1. Make ending persecution on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) a stated policy of the FCO’s Human Rights and Democracy Programme and add it to the list of target thematic areas.
  2. Mainstream the protection of LGBT rights across other FCO targeted thematic areas, including freedom of expression, abolition of the death penalty, global torture prevention, promoting women’s rights, preventing sexual violence in conflict and business and human rights.
  3. Support and encourage the setting-up of an All-Party Parliamentary Group to end the persecution of LGBT communities around the globe. That APPG would assist in formulating HMG’s policies on the human rights of LGBT people and evaluate the government’s ongoing progress.
  4. Facilitate better inter-departmental communication within the UK government to result in more cohesive and effective approaches to tackling global LGBT persecution issues.
  5. Regarding LGBT asylum seekers, further reforms are required to address standards of Home Office decision making to ensure LGBT people who are at real risk of persecution are granted refugee status. The asylum process should be made fairer and less traumatic for those going through it.
  6. Continue to take a leading role within intergovernmental organisations and tackle LGBT persecution worldwide.
  7. Continue to provide support via the UK’s missions abroad to LGBT-rights organisations both in the UK and those operating in countries where LGBT people are most under threat.
  8. Consider appointing a Minister, unit or Special Envoy for the human rights of LGBT people.
  9. Establish a framework where Ministers can consider imposing visa restrictions on those who actively persecute or promote laws and policy designed to persecute LGBT people.
  10. Ensure the UK retains a robust domestic human rights framework.

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