Human Dignity Trust part of alliance leading new £5.6m programme to reform discriminatory laws

The Human Dignity Trust is proud to announce that it will will be implementing a £5.6 million programme to build fairer, more equal and more inclusive Commonwealth societies by supporting countries seeking to reform laws that discriminate against women and girls and LGBT people. The Trust will be delivering the programme as a member of the Equality & Justice Alliance.

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Kenya: Appeal Court rules forced medical tests unlawful

In a significant win for human rights in Kenya, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the use of forced anal examinations by the state is unlawful.

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Major court victory in Lebanon: consensual same-sex intimacy not a crime

The Human Dignity Trust welcomes Thursday’s decision of an appeal court in Lebanon, which held that consensual same sex activity is not unlawful.

The ruling is linked to the 2015 arrest of nine people in a suburb of Beirut whom police suspected of being gay and transgender. A criminal court subsequently acquitted them of the charges in 2017.

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