Islamic State executes three men for “committing the acts of the people of [Prophet] Lot”

02 June 2015

According to a report, the Islamic State's Information Office in Neynava Province (in Iraq) issued a photo report about the killing of three men for "committing the the acts of the people of [Prophet] Lot." The eight photos in "Photo Report Number 9" ( ) show hundreds of people gathered outside a brownish 4- or 5-story building in an unidentified city center in Neyynava Province, while dozens of cars, including taxis, wait at a standstill as onlookers block the street. Dozens of Islamic State militia carrying machine guns, dressed either in military fatigues or black uniforms with ski masks, prevent the crowd from entering the impact area. An Islamic State officer, his face covered, delivers a speech to the crowd before the executions take place. Several photos taken outside a building whose sign reads, "Ministry of Finance, The Pension Fund Office of the Neynava Province" are captioned, "The Muslims are gathered to watch the imposition of Hadd punishment." One image with the caption, "The imposition of the Sharia punishment," shows an Islamic State officer holding a man upside-down by his legs, before dropping him off the building's rooftop. Subsequent photos show the same person, seconds before he hits the pavement. The body of another man is already laying on the pavement, with what appears to be blood covering the ground near his head. The last photo shows a blind-folded and apparently handcuffed man as he falls from the top of the building. The caption of the photo also reads, "The imposition of the Sharia punishment."

For details, see:International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Timeline of Publicized Executions for “Indecent Behavior” by IS Militias, 2 June 2015


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