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UN Special Rapporteur on Torture confirms that criminalising LGBT people leads to violence and impunity

17 February 2016   United Nations

In a ground-breaking report, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, recognises that the criminalisation of homosexuality, and other discriminatory laws

ASEAN Summit Should Not Sweep Criminalisation of LGBT People Under the Rug

15 February 2016

Today begins the start of the two-day ASEAN summit, hosted by President Obama in California. The summit aims to bring together the leaders of South East Asian membe

The Church of England must distance itself from state-sanctioned LGBT persecution

11 January 2016

 Today demonstrates that the Anglican Church remains bitterly divided on the basis of its position on homosexuality. Howev

Tackling LGBT persecution must be a priority for Commonwealth leaders

26 November 2015

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