Sri Lankan activists call for a strong multi-level campaign for LGBTIQ rights

23 January 2017

Since the Sri Lankan cabinet of ministers rejected a proposal to repeal Articles 365 and 365A of the Penal Code, a Victorian relic that violates the human rights citizens on the basis of sexual orientation, an unprecedented rise of activism can be observed. The cabinet decision, despite being a major setback for a government that describes itself as one of ‘yahapalanaya’ or good governance, has led to a large-scale public conversation on the importance of the issue. Many Sinhala newspapers have so far carried news items and features supportive of anti-discriminatory measures. Some of the most important contributions have been made in the Sinhala blogsphere, with bloggers advocating for the repeal of Victorian laws and ensuring the fundamental rights of all Sri Lankan citizens (for pertinent examples see, for instance, herehere, and here).


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