Kenya Appeal Court rules forced medical examinations unlawful

22 March 2018   Kenya

In a significant win for human rights in Kenya, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the use of forced anal examinations by the state is unlawful. On Thursday 22 March 2018, a three-judge bench handed

Rights Group Seeks to Strike Down Discriminatory Laws

22 February 2018   Kenya

Kenya’s High Court has heard a challenge against old colonial laws that target the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Kenya this week. Rights group the Kenyan Nation

India’s Supreme Court Upholds Right to Privacy

24 August 2017   India

The Supreme Court of India has issued a powerful, and potentially transformative, ruling on the right to privacy. In a landmark unanimous ruling, the nine-judge bench found that the right

US court reaffirms charges against anti-LGBTI hate preacher but dismisses case on jurisdictional grounds

12 June 2017   Uganda

On Monday, 5 June 2017, a US federal court strongly reaffirmed the charges against homophobic American extremist Scott Lively in aiding and abetting crimes against humanity for the persecution of Ugan

Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality - study by University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada

25 April 2017

The Archives of Sexual Behavior recently published a special edition devoted to research into reasons behind a person’s sexual orientation, titled “The Puzzle of Sexual

Referendum to decide legality of homosexuality - Government tells Inter-American Commission

20 April 2017   Guyana

Guayna will soon have a chance to vote on whether they believe homosexuality should remain a criminal act or if those laws which criminalise it should be struck down via a referendum. The Government

Buggery law only applicable to non-consensual acts claims Prime Minister, gays not persecuted in Barbados claims AG

20 April 2017   Barbados

In a recent interview, the Prime Minister of Barbados reportedly claimed that the country’s laws criminalising same-sex sexual acts were only applicable to non-consensual acts. Claiming that Bar

Doctors oppose ‘anal test’ for determining sexuality

12 April 2017   Tunisia

The National Council of the Medical Order in Tunisia issued a statement on April 3, 2017, calling for doctors to cease conducting forced anal and genital examinations. The move is an importa

Prime Minister wants to change anti-gay laws in Singapore but won't - interview

01 March 2017   Singapore

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will wait until society changes its views before changing laws banning gay sex. He was recently pressed on his personal views regarding 377A of Singapo

Case challenging colonial law criminalising cross-dressing likely heading to the Caribbean Court of Justice - Press release

28 February 2017   Guyana

PRESS RELEASE – The Court of Appeal today in an oral decision delivered by the acting Chancellor, the Honourable Carl Singh, confirmed the ruling of the then acting Chief Justice Ian Chang

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