Building a Global Network Working Towards the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality

In order to bring about the decriminalisation of homosexuality, the Trust aims to work as a partner with local, regional and international NGOs, lawyers, academics, human rights defenders and activists. 

We only work with people who want us to work with them and will never bring a case or intervene in an existing challenge without acting in consultation with these local groups and individuals. These partnerships allow the Trust to enter into professional dialogue with local and international experts and to explore the opportunities for sharing information, resources and experience on a local and regional level. 

The Trust relies on its local partners to help it approach the issue of decriminalisation in the most appropriate and sensitive way in each jurisdiction. We always aim to cooperate with local community groups and are sensitive to the conditions in which they labour to advance equality and justice. The Trust’s role depends on tough local realities.

Cooperating with Local Human Rights Lawyers and NGOs

Local human rights lawyers and NGOs are central to the work of the Trust, which sees a major part of its role as being to support and advise on legal challenges, using the resources and wealth of experience of international litigation at its disposal.


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