The work of the Trust is supported by a panel of leading Queen’s Counsel (senior barristers) who act pro bono on our cases and provide additional advisory input to our work. We also have many outstanding junior barristers involved in all of our legal support to local partners.

Queen's Counsel ................. Juniors
David Anderson QC Ruth Brander
Paul Bowen QC Tom Cleaver
Martin Chamberlain QC Amal Clooney
Tom de la Mare QC Jessica Jones
Edward Fitzgerald QC Tristan Jones
Lord Goldsmith QC Tom Mountford
Javan Herberg QC Tom Pascoe
Richard Hermer QC Jason Pobjoy
Maya Lester QC Jana Sadler-Forster
Karon Monaghan QC Zac Sammour
Tim Otty QC Max Schaefer
Tim Owen QC Dr Philippa Webb
Nigel Pleming QC Ben Woolgar
Geoffrey Robertson QC Keina Yoshida
Thomas Roe QC
Keir Starmer QC
Jemima Stratford QC
Gemma White QC


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